Administrators are editors on the site who have special privileges in which to help maintain the content of the wiki and the design and layout of the wiki. Administrators have the ability to block pages, delete and restore pages and files, as well as renaming pages without any restrictions. Some administrators are also bureaucrats, and have the ability to modify the rights of users.

Despite being tasked to help maintain the wiki, administrators and bureaucrats do not have any more power in terms of decisions made. Admins do not have the rights to settle editing disputes. They are trusted members who are targeting vandalism and helping provide higher quality information to the community. Admins who abuse their powers may have their rights removed.

List of Administrators Edit

As of June 10, 2016, there is only one administrator on this wiki:

Alex Tenshi (admin and bureaucrat, since May 28, 2016)

Former administrators Edit

Darkwing Geese (founder, former admin and bureaucrat)

Administrator abilities Edit

Admins have the ability to:

  • delete pages with less than 5000 revisions
  • protect pages in order to restrict the editing of a particular page
  • block IP addresses and users from editing on this wiki
  • change the design and theme of this wiki
  • restore deleted pages
  • edit protected pages

Staff Edit

Do not confuse administrators with Wikia staff. Wikia staff are users who work with Wikia in order to provide the platform for this wiki to function. Wikia staff members have full access to all Wikia. They will be shown in Special:Listusers/staff on any wiki. Please use Special:Contact to contact Wikia staff.

Becoming an administrator Edit

In order to become an administrator, an active bureaucrat must give the rights. Although there are no rules in becoming an admin, some users may be more likely to be granted admin rights. This includes:

  • contributing to the wiki for a reasonable amount of time (one month or more preferable)
  • having no history of major vandalism
  • helping other users in a civil manner
  • helping stop vandalism and keeping misinformation off of the wiki
  • does not infringe copyright of others and uploads media under the appropriate license

Currently, the Super Sonico Wiki is a very small wiki, with only one active bureaucrat. Please leave a message on Alex Tenshi's wall about requesting admin rights, and the admin will decide on the matter.

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